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Boutique Diets. What Are They?

What is a Boutique Diet? Today, I will take a common sense approach to what is a boutique brand/diet! First thing on the list is to google the definition. This is what I found.

Boutique diets — These diets are manufactured by small companies, who may not perform research or use ingredients and recipes approved by veterinary nutritionists. Apr 22, 2020

Looking further down the list of search results I found a second definition.

“Let’s start by clarifying what generally constitutes a “boutique” food. When we hear “boutique” we are typically using shorthand for “boutique, exotic-ingredient and grain-free.” It appears as though it is intended to cover any type of food that deviates from the standard chicken/beef protein + corn/wheat/soy kibble combination. Raw? Home-made? Vegetarian?” (Bend Pet Express)

Now that we have a definition, lets see where this fits? I know several large conglomerates that make a grain free food. Does that mean they are a boutique brand?? I’ve had people tell me as a retail store owner that I carry boutique brands. Well by definition the brands I carry are all monitored by the AAFCO and the FDA. Most have their own home based kitchens with a veterinarian and geneticist on staff. I would say the research check box is satisfied in this case. Also, the term small is relative. If your comparing any brand to one conglomerate then everything by comparison is small. In retrospect does that mean most brands that small independent owned brick and mortar retail stores carry are only boutique brands? Not by definition. If a conglomerate wants to dominate market share they will continue to use that term loosely just to discredit brands that could possibly be better foods for your pet. What I tell everyone is, read the guaranteed analysis on the product your considering. Is it monitored by the AAFCO? If not, I would say that’s potentially a boutique brand. I personally like to see standards upheld. Point being is everything is all left to interpretation. Most like to assume the worst, some will do the research and find the truth. While others take what they see on the internet as gospel.

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