Dog Wash

  • Pre-Pay Optional.
  • First come first serve, no appointment necessary.
  • We provide towels, Shampoo, dryers, cotton balls and face cloths.
  • Shampoo provided is Earthbath.
  • Specialty Conditioners are $3.00 extra.
  • Each wash station is cleaned and disinfected after every use.
Dog wash

Dog Wash is Only $10


  • Please do not groom your pet in the store. We need to be mindful of the next pet parent that may be waiting to utilize this service.
  • Please do not bring a pet that has flea’s or ticks for the safety of other patrons.
  • Please do not wash your pets in any of the wash stations if it was skunked.
  •  Please Restrain your pet for their safety.
  • Please Limit your time to a maximum of 45 minutes as a curtesy to other pet parents waiting to utilize the service.